I am feeling, Sundrops as a food to Earth, It's consequences, deeply carved on our skins. This day, dedicated to you, as every other, Last so long as if the world wants me to love you more, So it dilates time. Since I met you, … Continue reading Miracles



Here we are and yet, I have never seen something So beautiful as you. Yes, the centuries have passed and we will be skelletons, Yet I live eternity in this moment... ...of stillness. Gasp of the air and a little intelligence, I come to many … Continue reading You


No matter how hard I try, I can't unsee it, The horrid apparition that dwells within it. You see, I try to bring back belief of the causal law, But for nature, statistics gets the longest straw. God does not play dice, I do agree. … Continue reading Unsee.

Drugi ljudi

Mi smo neki drugi ljudi Koji verovatno nikada neće biti srećni Ali od sreće ne odustajemo. Zauvek lutamo Napuštani i napušteni, Odbačeni, Nerazumljivi. Mi smo neki drugi ljudi, Jer čak i kada bi hteli Mi nikada ne možemo biti oni prvi ljudi.